World’s longest sightseeing escalator makes its debut

World’s longest sightseeing escalator was recently unveiled in Central China.
The sightseeing escalator at Enshi Grand Canyon in Enshi city, Central China's Hubei province. [ Chengyong]

The world’s longest sightseeing escalator was recently unveiled in the Enshi Grand Canyon region of Hubei province, Central China.

The escalator measures 688m (2257 ft) long and is now open for tourists.

‘The escalator is the world’s longest sightseeing one, costing each visitor 20 yuan (approximately Rs 200),’ said an insider to People’s Daily.

The escalator consists of a steel, concrete and wooden structure and is built along the mountain is a ‘∑’ shape. It can reportedly carry 7,300 visitors per hour and 600,000 visitors altogether in a year.

‘The whole engineering plan focused on ecological protection, which can be seen from the wooden structure and grey tile at the top of the escalator,’ said Xiong Yan, the person in charge of the project.
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