SuperSU App Now Owned By Coding Code Mobile Technology

One of the great things about Android is the ability to customize and tinker with your device on an unparalleled level compared to other device OS types. One of the ways this is possible is through rooting and from all of the capabilities that come from doing so. To the average Android users rooting is a process that may seem foreign and likely unheard of. To anyone who has ever rooted their device even once over the last few years, names likeSuperSU and Chainfire are probably all too common words popping up in social feeds and maybe even general conversation with other users passionate about the process of rooting Android devices.

For those who are unaware, Chainfire is the developer behind the popular SuperSU application for Android which is an app used to manage the superuser controls for a rooted device when they ask certain apps for root permissions. It’s had quite the long and popular run over the years with Chainfire stating that it has now reached some couple dozen million active users and nearly a total of one hundred million downloads. Even after all this popularity though, Chainfire states he is now ready to pass on the development to a newly formed company called Coding Code Mobile Technology, who will take over control and maintenance of the app immediately.

Chainfire does state however that he will continue to develop for SuperSU for the time being, but will slowly be phased out over the next two years, which in the end will be giving him time to focus more on other development projects which he is passionate about. The team at Coding Code will have more people on hand to take over development work as well as extra funding to help provide the best possible experience for the app going forward, and they already have a number of root-focused apps on the Play Store while being firmly involved in the root community as well, so Chainfire feels this is the best thing for SuperSU and the right move. SuperSu is available as a free application on the Play Store and will remain as such for now.


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