Lumigon T3 is a smartphone with integrated night-vision camera

 Could this Scandinavian smartphone with its focus on imaging security and premium materials fill the void left by the Samsung Galaxy Note 7?
Now that your potentially dangerous Samsung phablet has been packed into the box using the gloves provided in the return pack, it’s potentially the refund that’s burning a hole in your pocket.But what says “Android flagship”as well as a Samsung Galaxy handset?

How about the Lumigon T3? It boasts a Scandinavian design aesthetic (Lumigon is a Danish firm), is honed from stainless steel and glass, is water and dust resistant, and boasts a number of innovative original features including a touch-sensitive rear for scrolling through on-screen content with your holding hand; and a night vision camera for those midnight outdoor selfies.

“T3 was created for users who want something different and want to stand out from the crowd,” said Lumigon CEO Lars Gravesen. “Danish design reflects craftsmanship, simplicity and real-life functionality, taking high-quality materials and combining them with innovative features to create a clean premium product. That was the design mindset that brought us to the creation of the T3 smartphone.”

So as well as one or two novel ideas, the handset has a 2.2GHz, 64-bit 8-core processor ad 3GB of RAM for fast and, more importantly, smooth operation. The display is a 4.8-inch HD Super AMOLED unit and as for on-board storage, it comes with a huge 128GB as standard. “In a world with such huge demands for data, we wanted to give our customers enough capacity that will make users hardly run out of space,” Gravesen said.
The phone has three separate cameras. As well as the aforementioned 2K night vision camera that will snap stills and capture video in complete darkness, there’s a 4K unit on the rear with some clever auto-focus tech. While on the other side there’s a 2K resolution selfie camera, complete with flash and mirror which can be triggered simply by tapping on the phone’s rear casing.
And as well as imaging, the phone is high on security features. It has a fingerprint scanner plus an integrated ‘vault’ where sensitive files can be stored and encrypted.
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