Google+ now supports link opening in Chrome Custom Tabs

Some Google+ users are finding that links are now opening in Chrome Custom Tabsrather than the full Chrome app or another default browser. Not everyone is seeing the change though, making it look like yet another server-side switch.

Previously, tapping a link in G+ would launch a new window for Dolphin, Chrome or whatever your browser of choice is. The new change launches a Chrome Custom Tab instead, which is much faster than a Chrome tab or even the web view of the same content.

CCT_Large 2

To check for the change, all you need to do is open Google+ and tap a link to see if it opens in a Chrome Custom Tab or not. You’ll know because it will load faster and have an adaptive palette task bar. You’ll need at least v7.0 of Google+ and v45 of Chrome. If it isn’t working for you you’ll just have to wait. If you discover a trick for forcing the switch, let us know in the comments below.

Google Plus Chrome Custom Tabs

If you just can’t wait for the change, why not try out Chromer, a nifty little app that lets you use Chrome Custom Tabs whether apps support them or not. It does the exact same thing with no waiting involved.


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