10 best reminder apps for Android

No matter what age you are, there’s a chance you occasionally need to be reminded to do things. We live in a world filled with distraction and various shiny things that often lead us off course of whatever it is we’re trying to do. Thus, setting reminders can not only be productive, but a savior in some situations. On Android, there are a ton of ways to create reminders and we took a look at the best reminder apps for Android.

acalendar best reminder apps for androidaCalendar

[Price: Free / $4.49]
One of the most popular ways to set reminders is using your calendar app. If you’re not using Google Calendar, then we’d like to recommend you try out aCalendar. This is a simple calendar app that seems to the basics much better than most. Included is the ability to theme your calendars, various account syncing, QR and NFC support, and more. Of course, you can add an event to the calendar and ask it to remind you of that event. If you fork out for the full version, you’ll also unlock tasks which can give you more powerful reminders.
acalendar best reminder apps for android

Any.Do best reminder apps for androidAny.do To-do List

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
Any.do To-do List is, as you can imagine, a to-do list app that lets you create tasks and set reminders on when to complete them. To-do list apps are more useful for things like remembering to grab milk from the grocery store than a calendar app would be and they’re also faster to use. Any.do is an exceptionally done to-do list app that comes with various task customizations, cloud syncing between devices, reminders based on both time and location, and it has support for its sister app, Cal Calendar.
Any.Do best reminder apps for android

BZ Reminder best reminder apps for androidBZ Reminder

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
BZ Reminder is a very simple to-do list application that focuses on simplicity. You can set a reminder for virtually anything and it’ll go off when it’s supposed to. You can adorn reminders with notes if needed and the app also includes cloud syncing, Android Wear support, recurring tasks, and there is even a simple calendar built-in. It may not have all the power and features of a full-fledged to-do list, but it’s great if you need something quick and simple.

BZ Reminder best reminder apps for android

evernote best reminder apps for androidEvernote

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
Evernote is already a powerful and functional note-taking application. It’s also one of the most popular and highly-rated apps on Google Play. Along with its powerful note taking capabilities, Evernote also allows you to create reminders for notes based on time and location. That means you can make a grocery list, set the reminder for when you’re at the grocery store, and Evernote will remind you that you have a grocery list. It works well and it’s worth a shot.

Google App best reminder apps for androidGoogle App (Google Now)

[Price: Free]
Far and away the best way to do reminders on Android is through Google Now which you can get by installing the Google App. Google Now is a personal assistant-style service that tries to give you information as you need it. Among its many features is the ability to create reminders through voice actions which are then saved and shown to you again later. It’s a powerful service and it’s also easy to use.

google now best reminder apps for android

Google Keep best reminder apps for androidGoogle Keep

[Price: Free]
Let’s face facts folks, Google Keep is another three or four feature additions away from being a full-fledged to-do list application. For now, it’s a simple, but powerful note taking application with quite a few features. You can share notes with others and take all kinds of notes that sync to your Google Drive. One of the features is the ability to add reminders (location and/or time based) to your notes so you can get a notification about them when the time comes. It’s a great app to use, especially if you already use a lot of Google’s other services.

inbox by gmail best reminder apps for androidInbox by Gmail

[Price: Free]
Inbox by Gmail is a unique spin on Gmail by Google. The idea is to view your email inbox as though it were a news feed like you’d see on a social media app. One of its other features is the ability to add reminders. We’re not talking reminders just for email, but reminders in general. In fact, these are the same reminders that you can set with Google Now which makes using both apps extremely efficient if you’re a reminders type of person.

just reminder best reminder apps for android

Just Reminder

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
So far, we’ve only talked about apps that do reminders along with other things and it came to a point where we thought that maybe were thinking about it too hard. Just Reminder is an application that just does reminders and nothing else. That means you’ll likely find a more feature-filled reminder here than just about anywhere else. You can configure reminders to be recurring if needed and you can create them for pretty much whatever you want. About the only negative is the design of the app is a bit rough on the eyes, but otherwise it’s worth a shot.

just reminder best reminder apps for android

life reminders best reminder apps for androidLife Reminders

[Price: Free]
Life Reminders is another application that really focuses on the simple act of reminding you of stuff when you tell it to. This one is kind of nifty because it can actually perform certain tasks for you. For instance, if you have to call someone at 11:00AM, the app will remind you and you can tap on the notification to place the call right then. It has a good set of features and recent updates have only appeared to make the app better.

Today Calendar best reminder apps for androidToday Calendar

[Price: Free / $2.59]
Today Calendar is another great calendar option for those who need to do reminders. Thanks to its simple and quick interface, you can make events and add reminders to do them without wasting a whole lot of your time. Like aCalendar, this probably isn’t so great for small things like remembering to grab milk at the store but stuff like mowing the lawn, various work and life events, and others still fit very well in a calendar.

Today Calendar best reminder apps for android

Wrap up

If we missed any great reminder apps for Android or we didn’t mention your favorite one, tell us about them in the comments! If you want to stay up to date on the latest Android apps and games news, you can subscribe to our newsletter using the form below!


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