Pocket Programming helps beginners polish their coding skills

Are any of you learning to code? It can be hard to get everything down at first, especially if you are an autodidact who learnt to code on his own. These are the users developer ffab0 is targeting with Pocket Programming – true beginners.

With that in mind, we have to tell you this app is not about coding. You won’t be using it to write a single line of code; instead, Pocket Programming is more about analyzing the code, helping those who are learning Ruby and Ruby on Rails.

The concept is simple – the application will ask you 10 questions per day for 4 weeks. Each question will have 3 choices, so as to keep your studying light-hearted. This will add no stress to your daily life, but it will definitely help you tone your coding brain muscles as you learn the ins and outs of developing digital content.


You didn’t embark on a simple quest, and the creators of Pocket Programming know this. They actually learnt to code on their own, which is what inspired the creation of this app. Keisuke Hoshino and Yuto Kitakuni know the struggles of learning to program.

ust keep in mind this app won’t teach you how to code! It’s a complementary learning tool that will help you fill in the gaps of your learning process. In essence, it supplements your coding education. With that in mind, head over to the Google Play Store if you are interested. Pocket Programming is worth $3.00, but it is very well worth it for a 4-week course.


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