OPPO launches a near-stock Android experience to appeal to western markets

OPPO has long been an inventive player in the Android market, adding tons of customization to its own skin. In a change in direction however, they are now releasing a version of their ColorOS that brings users a stripped down version of Android that is much closer to stock.

In the markets of China and India, heavily customized operating systems are preferable, as they bring regional variations that appeal to buyers. However, the western market is increasingly irritated with excessive ornamentation and prefers a simpler, less regionally-specific Android experience. OPPO is responding to this difference in opinion with aplomb by releasing Project Spectrum, a version of ColorOS that maintains a few of the operating system’s key features while stripping away anything that may be considered bloatware.

Project Spectrum is immediately available for Find 7 and Find 7a devices, and can be downloaded here. OPPO is planning on making Project Spectrum available on many more of its devices going forward.

ColorOS is effectively a heavily modified Android ROM that has garnered a wide fanbase worldwide. The enhancements it brings to Android include imaging and audio enhancements and off-screen gestures. In response to feedback from their community, OPPO has designed Project Spectrum to maintain these key features of ColorOS,while making the devices feel much more like an un-customized version of Android.

For those not familiar, OPPO is a leading technology brand in the global market. They’ve reached an audience that spans fifty countries and lean heavily on their philosophy of listening to consumers in a particular region and designing products tailored to their specific needs and preferences.

For now, Spectrum remains an option, but has yet to find its way to any devices out-of-the-box. If the effort is well received however, it is certainly conceivable that OPPO could eventually preload the software on handsets intended for the sale in the western market. What do you think of the move? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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