Its official! We’re living the appy life!

Smartphone has come into our lives like a boon and in some cases you might even treat it as a bane. We’ve heard this earlier as well; but this time, we’re talking about the mix of simplicities and complexities that the device has caused in many ways.

When you consider that hiring a cab is just an app-click away or finding your nearest plumber is no longer a task where you need to head out; that’s a convenience-at-its-best situation. However, if you start depending on apps to live your life, then what on Earth are you supposed to be doing that requires action or decision making? Smartphones have clearly made us feel dumber; and going forward, things are only going to get worse.

Losing a phone these days is as big as committing crime, even though you are the one bearing the brunt of situation in this regard. But nowadays, the scenario is furthermore catastrophic owing to our dependency on apps to do even the basic of things. If you thought that use of apps is only limited to booking cab or ordering food, then you’ve underestimated the power of working around with technology these days.

What if we tell you that transferring data via app is a realistic target? And by the time we lay down our opinion on the same, Sandisk has gone ahead and made things even more surreal with its Connect Stick, a wireless USB drive that transmits data between two smart devices via Connect Drive app.

Frankly, the invasion of apps has started to become a nuisance now. It’s as if our lives can’t move an inch without installing or using them at regular intervals. Currently, Apps are placed in such high regards that often you land in a situation where in too many apps can bloat-up your smartphone that has its own set of ill-effects.

Owing to all these issues, how many times have you filtered around the possibility of deleting apps from your phone and which ones? Let us know in the comments below.


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