Google Chrome 55 will consume less RAM, promises Google

Google Chrome 55 will consume less RAM, promises Google

Google Chrome is a notorious resource hog. It’s been known to gobble up all the free RAM on your system and drain your battery at an alarming rate. Come December, and all this is set to change.

Chrome 55, which debuts on 6 December, will reportedly use an updated JavaScript engine, reports CNET. Google says that the updated engine uses much less RAM and that the benefits can amount to 50 percent more free RAM.

As far as most of the web-browsing world is concerned, however, they’d rather be using Chrome than any other browser. There are those who’ll stick to the default browser, be it Safari or Internet Explorer (IE) or even Edge, but those folk are unlikely to care about things like RAM consumption and battery life.

On a side note, using Safari on macOS or Edge on Windows 10 will give you better battery life and consume less RAM on that platform than Chrome. In fact, Opera goes so far as to claim that their browser, in battery saver mode, can knock the socks of any other browser in the battery life department.

That said, Chrome’s newfound frugality should have little impact on your battery life or browsing performance. If you’re on a device that’s struggling for RAM however, Chrome 55 might help.

You can try the beta version of Chrome right now, but be warned that it’s not stable.

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