Dear Airtel, Xiaomi you just can’t write ‘best’ without proving it

‘We give you the best service in country.’ This is how every brand promotes its product. This exaggerated mannerism is usually taken in the right spirit, but currently two of biggest names in the area of telecom and technology have come under scrutiny. They are Xiaomi and Airtel. Respective bodies in their countries have asked them to tone down their marketing collaterals.

For those unaware, Xiaomi, the so-called ‘Apple of China’, has been accused of over-selling their products with superlative adjectives like best, most advanced and so on. In India, Airtel is facing the heat for highlighting its 4G services as the fastest in the country. Their claims even include the Airtel 4G challenge, which offers chance to consumers to test their claims and if the service offered is found to be second best, then you get free Airtel services for the lifetime.

In many ways, the decision to curtail campaigns like these is a step in the right direction. While it would be hard to argue with Xiaomi’s claims of having products that are advanced if one considers their overall value, but on Airtel’s claims are spiraling on a different tangent altogether.

We’ve seen people mocking the telco on social platforms with banter like,” I can’t get normal mobile network inside my house, asking for fast 4G speed is out of question,” and more such taunts.

Funny part about Airtel’s challenge is that they are the sole 4G providers in the country right now. Their service speeds or quality can only be assessed against the others when the likes of Reliance Jio, Vodafone and Idea finally roll out their 4G LTE services in the country.

Competition is intense these days, and this is largely to blame for over-the-top advertising/marketing. Even with so much at stake, companies should keep a check on the quality assurance promised, because things can go awry in no time. We’ve seen that happen before.

The recent complaints should come as a wake-up call to other competing names in the industry and act for its goodwill before it’s too late.


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